Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hoje | Today


Últimamente as noites têm sido horríveis para mim - horas e horas sem conseguir dormir. Hoje adormeci eram 5 da manhã. Fiquei um pouco irritada de tocarem a campainha logo de manhã cedo, depois de uma noite como esta. Mas quando vi as 3 encomendas que o (pobre) carteiro trazia nas mãos, fiquei mais animada. A minha intenção inicial era mostrar aqui os livros que tinha encomendado, mas fiquei tão encatada com este livrinho da Liza, que decidi dedicar este post a ela. O que fariam com um livrinho destes? 

(Resumed) Translation:

Early in the morning the postman came over by my house and gave me 3 packages: 2 were books I ordered a while ago, and the other one was this amazing gift from Liza. We decided to do a swap through Instagram, and after having received my part of the swap, she sent me this fantastic handmade notebook as a 'thank-you'. I was so overthrown by the details that I decided to leave out the books and write about them in a future post :)

You can find Liza here

Monday, August 19, 2013

To a new beginning?

 Ciência, estudo e coleccão dos selos do correio

 the study of postage stamps and collection of postal stamps (or anything else related to it)

Althought this is a term closely related to anything postal, this blog will not be limited to this topic. I plan to fill this blog with the happenings from my daily life; I have always admired those people who are able to keep their blogs updated with interesting text posts, but I can't promise you mine will be the same. My blabberings tend to be extremly boring, and I never had the habit of writing down my thoughts (well, except in letters). I am not sure to what extent I will keep this blog updated, but I do promise I will try my best to keep it alive. 

To a new beginning?

Please note: This blog will be kept both in portuguese and english