Monday, September 2, 2013

Uma confissão + diy | A confession + diy

Apesar de ter decidido manter este blog parcialmente em português, devo avisar já que o meu português não é muito bom e que faço muitos erros. Isto porque passei a minha infância na Suiça e como estava constantemente a ouvir françes, italiano e alemão ao mesmo tempo à minha, fiquei um pouco confusa em relação a alguns detalhes da língua portuguesa. Envergonho-me um pouco desse facto; afinal já estou a viver em Portugal há 5 anos, e ando num curso de línguas.

Isto tudo para dizer que sou uma mulher de poucas palavras. Prefiro imagens a textos e textos de escrita. Espero que se não aborreçam comigo (e se tiver um erro mesmo muito parvo avisem-me)!

De seguida queria-vos também mostrar um pequeno something que fiz para uma amiga (também doida por chá) como prenda de anos; trabalhei a madeira, pintei-a com duas camadas para dar um efeito vintage e de seguida transferi as imagens na madeira. No fim passei com verniz para ficar com um pouco de brilho. O resultado final poderia ter sido melhor, mas em geral fiquei contente como ficou. O que acham?


I spent my childhood in a foreign country, and everyday I had to deal with various languages at the same time. Usually, people who experienced this kind of reality tend to develop good languages skills; in the 11 years I lived in Switzerland I learnt (swiss) german, french, italian and a bit of english, but at the same time it left me very confused in regards to certain linguistic details. I've been living in Portugal for 5 years now (and I am taking a degree in languages!) and still make extremly stupid mistakes. It is something that I'm not very proud of, but I guess it's something that awkwardly fits with my "airhead" personality.

But the whole point of this was: I'm not much of a talkative person, nor do I write a lot (which is funny because I write letters?); I much rather post pictures instead of writing long texts, so it might be possible that in the future I will post more pictures than actual texts. I hope you do not grow bored of me!

On another note, I also wanted to show a little something I made for a friend of mine. She's also crazy about tea so I thought I'd make her a tea box as a birthday present for her. I tried to give it a vintage effect, and also added images to it with a recent wood transfer method I discovered. I was hoping for a better end result, but oh well, I tried my best. What do you think?


  1. It's very pretty actually, I'm sure your friend will be so pleased. :) It is interesting that you grew up exposed to so many different languages and lived elsewhere but "home", I've always wondered what'd be like if I spent my whole childhood in a different country, I used to like the idea of that perhaps due to the fact that I was never quite satisfied with my surroundings, and the lack of "fitting in" in school didn't help either.But mostly, I wondered what sort of person I'd become, after the long exposure and influence of a completely different culture and then being back home. Anyway, I hope you do not mind my unnecessary blabbering. D:
    I don't think I'll ever get bored of your posts even with minimal text, I enjoy looking at visuals and yours are fascinating. :)

    1. Thank you Corey, I really don't mind your 'blabberings' at all, on the contrary, thank you for sharing your thoughts! :)
      I guess the situation and experience varies from person to person, and can affect anyone differently. In my (and my brothers case) the experience wasn't very positive, and to be honest it left a very strong imprint in our lives. It was interesting in a way that we got to see other cultures, but I'm pretty sure I'll try my best to never leave Portugal again! There's nothing like home :)